Your Partner for Success

The relationship between a Certified Public Accountant and their client should look more like a partnership than a business transaction.  When one considers the complexities of the fast moving business environment and the changing tax laws, it can be overwhelming.  The amount of time required to capture the necessary information for the annual preparation of a tax return is simply not productive.

David views his responsibility as one of a partner.  A partner that helps simplify the process, streamline the time required in preparation and arm our clients with the necessary information to allow them to be the most successful people in their field.

Whether you are an individual trying to look at ways to make things easier and tax plan, or a small business that wants to maximize your growth and minimize your expenses, we want to help you accomplish your goals.

David Smith, CPA

David Smith’s path to becoming a CPA was definitely a non-traditional one.  His experiences include, Staff Sergeant United States Army, Divisional Sales Manager for a Fortune 1000 company and small business owner.

This varied experience has given David a unique perspective as a business professional.